How many lessons should we take and what will we learn?

Each couple learns distinctively at their own pace, but we at Nonstop Dance Studios throughout 15 years of experience has agreed that at least 10 private lessons and a few group classes will be great.

How Soon Should We Learn Before the Big Day?

3-6 month,s although what counts is not so much the time as the amount of lessons. It's always better to plan ahead!

What is the best way to learn?

Instructors who specializes in wedding dances and convenience for the couple. What better way to learn than from a professional in minutes distance?

How long should the dance be?

It's optimal to keep it under 3 minutes. If the song is lengthy, have the family join the fun!

Should we prepare anything?

It is recommended to select your first song when you come to your first class so that the instructor can explain the difficulty and time required for each dance, but it is not mandatory.

Wedding Dance Consultation

Set up an appointment for a Consultation with our specialized Wedding Dance Adviser, who can help guiding you in the planning of your big day. Call 954-274-4756

to make your appointment.

  •  Introductory Wedding Offer: $25.00 per couple
  • A half hour Private Dance Lesson
  • A song consultation with a Wedding Dance Advisor
  • An Introductory Group Class