Beginner Fundaments.

Mondays and Fridays @ 7pm. 

Each class is 55 mins. long. In this Class you will get all the necessary tools to achieve your goals of confident dancing  with any partner on any dance floor.

Main Dances: Salsa & Bachata.

Secondary Dances: Merengue & Cha-Cha.

Main Goal is to is to built the necessary skills and knowledge required in Social dancing.

Level test will be required.

Level required for all other programs.

Note: Is recommended to take this Program at least Twice!!!

​​​Dance Programs with JC Sayu

This are 6 weeks programs starting every 7 weeks. Aug. 8th / Sept. 25th / Nov. 6th.

They consist on 2 levels of dance experience. 

You will strengthen everything you need about "General Dancing, Musicality, Posture, Frames, Balance, Turn Patterns, Body Movements, Lead and Follow".

​​You may always call or text Jessica Sayu at

(954) 274-4756