"Private lessons" are the best way to receive personalized attention and fast-track your learning curve, they are designed for a limit of up to two people at once. The dance styles and the pace will be customized to your taste and ability. Open to Newcomers in any level of expertise. All of our instructors are certified with our syllabus. We understand that you are unique so Before we can recommend you anything we want to see you dance and get to know you

"Semi-private lessons" are also available for groups larger than 2 people. Please add additional charge of $20 per each additional person above the first 2. Discounts are available for large groups. For more information please email us at info@nonstopdc.com

 Private & Semi-private  lessons are 55 mins long, by appointments only.
This is the most effective and faster way on learning how to dance. Each Lesson is structured and taylor made to your specific needs & speed progress.

Dance lessons have never been more fun and easy. Enjoy all of the benefits that come from dancing.  Better health, appearance, confidence, coordination, social life and more.  Ballroom dance lessons can really improve your lifestyle.  Here you can take salsa dance lessons, tango dance lessons, cha cha dance lessons, swing dance lessons, rumba dance lessons, waltz dance lessons, wedding dance lessons, and more.

We recommend you to start with our introductory Lesson and from there 
We'll be able to taylor made and recommend a program that fits your specific goals and availability.

Intro Private Lesson for $25 or free if you sign up into any program.

To schedule your 1st lesson, call us now at:  (954) 274-4756