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NONSTOP Dance Company


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Nonstop Dance Company offers various styles of ballroom and latin dances. We are here to provide a  happy and healthy atmosphere  that is encouraging and challenging for dancers of all levels in which students can develop a strong technical Foundation allowing them to Social Dance on any dance floor with any dance partner.

Dances we offer in Group Classes are:

SALSA (NY Style).

Dances we offer in private lessons:

American Waltz
Vieneese Waltz.
American Tango.
Argentine Tango.

Salsa (All Styles)
American Rumba.
East Coast Swing.
West Coast Swing.

Wedding Dances.
Performance Coaching.

See you on the Dance Floor. :)

Jesus Cuba

Professional Dancer
Professional Instructor

Cuba, La Habana.

Jesus Cuba is a talented young teacher with 13 years of dance experience fluent in both English and Spanish.
He performed for many years with the world renowned Narciso Medina Dance Company where he strengthened his Contemporary Dance and Cuban roots.
One of Jesus’ family members taught for The Fred Astaire studios for years and encouraged Jesus to join the team, where He managed to master all American Ballroom Dances. Jesus competed in two competitions, the Fred Astaire National Dancesport Championship and the Fred Astaire Professional Ballroom Competition where he placed 4th and 1st respectively. More recently Jesus held Private Lessons but due to the overwhelming growth of his classes he decided to open his very own studio, NONSTOP Dance Company. His passion for the art and his commitment to the future generation of dancers is what distinguishes Jesus Cuba as a world class instructor. JC is passionate, enthusiastic, experienced, and fun to work with. Come see for yourself!

Mon-Fri: 12:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Sat: Appointment only
Sun: Closed
(954) 274-4756
Phone: (954) 274-4756
Co-owner : Jessi Jane